E West Construction, Inc. (formerly RE West Builders, Inc.) was founded by Ed Nessinger in 2006 in Santa Rosa, California. E West Construction specializes in building high-end custom homes, multifamily residential (apartments), commercial metal buildings, medical offices, wineries, and public works projects. During its ten year history, E West Construction has completed many custom homes, the Kia and Fiat car dealerships on Santa Rosa Avenue, and several public works projects including a senior center in Middletown, CA, three transit projects in Sonoma County, CA, a university multipurpose building in Hopland, CA, and an elementary school administration building in Novato.


E West Construction, Inc. is led by Ed Nessinger. Ed oversees all estimates, projects, and project schedules and manages company operations. Cliff Dufresne is responsible for general and financial operations. Howard Brusco prepares estimates and Craig Bartlett is our lead project manager. Eileen Vaughn is manager of the accounting department and Missy Sponable manages human resources and investments.


E West Construction, Inc. is readily available to meet the needs of our clients. Our staff is well versed in pre-construction budgeting, scheduling, and managing subcontractor relationships. We work closely with each client to review documents and to suggest cost-effective alternatives and time-saving processes prior to construction through project completion.


E West Construction, Inc. maintains one project office and warehouse/shop in Santa Rosa and establishes satellite construction offices at each major construction site on an as-needed basis.


E West Construction, Inc. enjoys a strong financial structure and a secure relationship with its surety, insurance carriers, and broker. The firm has worked with Exchange Bank in Santa Rosa since our company was founded and has a secured line of credit available as needed for operations. Rogers & Young Insurance Services represents the firm for its bonding and insurance needs.


E West Construction, Inc. maintains an A and a B license in good standing with the California Contractor’s State License Board and has not had its license revoked or suspended at any time.